Custom-made & ready to rock!

Custom-made & ready to rock!

Looking for something truly special? Guitarra Verde offers handmade guitars that are up to the highest standards – true pieces of art for true artists. Meticulous attention to detail, carefully selected raw materials and a real passion for music and craftsmanship are what makes the difference.

Have a look around and see what we’re made of.


The first guitar I designed and manufactured all by myself is the Serpens (which – as you are all well aware – is Latin for snake), the eponymous Guitarra Verde so to say – and ain’t she a beauty? The snake is the oldest known symbol for creation and infinity and green is the colour of life and growth. This particular green snake is just waiting for a faithful player to unleash its powers!

Body: Solidbody, Mahogany – Finish: Green stain, Oil&Wax – Neck: Flamed Honduras Mahogany, Ebony Fretboard with 12‘ Radius – Saddle: Bone – Frets: Wagner 6105 Stainless Steel (Medium Jumbo) – Sidedots: Sterling Silver Tubes with Swarovski Crystal Inlays – Headstock Logo & Trussrod Cover: Solid Sterling Silver ( 30 gr.) – Machine Tuning Heads: Schaller M6 Locking, satin chrome – Bridge: ABM Berlin 3024 Wraparound, Bellbrass, nickel plated – Pickup: Seymour Duncan Zephyr (Custom Shop), Silverwire, Alnico 5, Resistance 8,1 DC – Pot: Tandem for Volume & Tone.

„Purple Haze“

Jimi would be proud! With the Purple Haze, I wanted to pay tribute to one of the greatest and most influential instrumentalists in the history of rock. The Purple Haze has everything a true rock ’n’ roller needs: a body made from durable American red alder, an ABM Berlin 5050 tremolo and carefully chosen design details such as a Jimi Hendrix portrait by artist John Van Hamersveld and engraved “Purple Haze” lyrics taken from a lyrics sheet handwritten by Jimi.

Body: Solidbody, American Red Alder – Finish: Purple stain, Oil & Wax – Neck: Flamed Maple, Ebony Fretboard with 9,5‘ Radius – Saddle: Fender YJM , brass, Rhodium plated – Frets: Wagner 6105 Stainless Steel (Medium Jumbo) – Sidedots: Sterling Silver Tubes with Swarovski Crystal Inlay – Headstock Logo: solid Sterling Silver – Machine Tuning Heads: Sperzel staggered Trim Lok, satin chrome – Bridge: ABM Berlin 5050 Tremolo, Bellbrass, nickel plated, Spring Claw solid brass nickel plated – Pickups: Leosounds „Red House“ Set, Alnico 5, Neck Resistance 6,8 DC, Middle 6,5 DC, Bridge 7,3 DC – Pots: 1x Shadow Volume Kill Pot (Machine Gun Effect), 1x Tone 5 Way Toggle Switch – Miscellaneous : E-Pocket Cover made of solid Aluminium, engraved with Jimi Hendrix Portrait (John van Hamersfeld) and „Purple Haze“ taken from Jimis handwritten lyric sheet, Guitar Strap custom made by „Kissfish Design Sue Schuh“.

„El Mariachi“

Inspired by the gritty outlaw aesthetics depicted in the works of director Robert Rodriguez, the El Mariachi’s design owes a lot to Mexican culture – especially the famous Día de Muertos. Prominent usage of typical design elements such as calavera skulls and a custom-made strap featuring a Mexican Peso Coin create that badass Desperado look and make for a truly unique guitar with attitude.

Body: Solidbody, Spanish Ceder ( Cedrela odorata) – Finish: Black stain, Oil & Wax – Neck: Spanish Ceder (Cedrela odorata), Ebony Fretboard with 9,5‘ Radius – Saddle: Fender YJM , brass, Rhodium plated – Frets: Wagner 6105 (Medium Jumbo) – Sidedots: Sterling Silver Tubes with Swarovski Crystal Inlay – Headstock Logo: Solid Sterling Silver – Machine Heads: Gotoh Luxury Mode 510, engraved – Bridge: El Dorado hand engraved  brass, nickel plated, compensated saddles brass & Rhodium plated – Pickups: Leosounds „MudCat“ Set, Alnico 5, Neck Resistance 8,2 DC, Bridge 9,3 DC – Pots: 1 x Volume Kill Pot, 1 x Tone, 3 Way Toggle Switch – Miscellaneous: Guitar Strap custom made by „Kissfish Design Sue Schuh“ Hardware hand engraved, Toggle switch handpainted „Dias de muerte“ Skull. Neckplate solid bellbrass, engraved & Rhodium plated.

„Yuri Gagarin“

Dedicated to the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, a true pioneer in the history of mankind. Relive the space race – Soviet style: The Gagarin guitar combines the sleek, retro-futuristic design of the flying V with the utalitarian, stainless steel look of 60s era spacecraft. Its shoulder strap is handmade using genuine space age materials (the fabric they used to build spacesuits, to be precise) provided by the same company that supplied the Soviet space agency and is further inspired by Soviet air force uniform parts. The whole design features countless little details that hark back to an era when men where men and guitars were as loud as a rocket during launch.

Body: Solidbody, Korina (Limba) – Finish: PU Paint, „Frozen Grey Metallic Matt“ – Neck: Korina, Fretboard Corian© DuPont Glacier White with 12‘ Radius, Red Star Inlays – Saddle: Graph Tech Tusq – Frets: Wagner 6105 Stainless Steel (Medium Jumbo) – Sidedots: Synthetic Red Rubies – Headstock Logo: solid Sterling Silver – Machine Tuning Heads: Duesenberg Z-Tuner – Bridge:  ABM Berlin 2400 Roller Bridge – Pickup: Bare Knuckle custom made „Impulse“, Alnico 5, Resistance 12,7 DC – Pots: 1xVolume – Miscellaneous: Guitar Strap custom made by „Kissfish Design Sue Schuh“. The strap is built from original spacesuit fabric as used by the famous russian company „Zevzda NPP“. Zvezda NPP is the original company which built the suits for Yuri Gagarin and all the other cosmonauts and were kind enough to support me with the supply of this special fabric.

Zvezda NPP


Amy was created to honour the voice and music of one the greatest female singers of our time who died under tragic circumstances in 2011. While her life and career were cut short, her music, style and influence will never be forgotten.

Body: Solidbody, Korina (Limba) – Finish: Olympic White, Nitro – Neck: Korina, Fretboard Ebony – Saddle: Graph Tech Tusq – Frets: EVO Frets Nickel free – Sidedots: Brass Tube –  Headstock Logo: solid Sterling Silver, Gold Plated – Machine Tuning Heads: Gotoh Stealth – Bridge:  Duesenberg – Pickups: Bare Knuckle custom made „Stormy Monday“, Alnico 2, Resistance 7,7 DC Lipstick Single Coil – Pots: 2 x Volume – Miscellaneous: Guitar Strap by „Kissfish Design Sue Schuh“.